Friends to the Rescue is an initiative started by the non-profit organization The Friend Foundation.


Our mission is to help prevent and stop bullying by helping to Empower the Bystander to become an Upstander.  By facilitating Friendships and closing the gap between those who are bullied and those that can help, together we can put an end to the cycle of intimidation and hurt.


This initiative creates and facilitates anti-bullying peer support within local schools, pro-actively identifying those who are, and at risk of, being bullied in order to bring them back into the safely of the "herd".  These local, in-school support groups include other student leaders and administrators who will participate in pro-actively, collectively befriending and protecting these victims.


We're also working to design an anonymous Online social platform where kids can get support via the Friends to the Rescue social application by interacting with others that have been or are being bullied in addition to school student-leaders, volunteers and staff professionals trained in counseling.

Friends protect friends!


It's been shown that when a someone intervenes for a friend who's being bullied, bullying stops 60% of the time.


It's time for us to learn how to protect others.


Find out more about how you can help.  Join the movement!

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